Virgin or the 50Mb saga

09 December at 19:41
QUOTE I asked for an upgrade to 50Mb from 20Mb at the beginning of November 2010. Your installer came as agreed on 30/11/2010 and installed the required new modem, telling me that the new wireless router would arrive in a few days. Nothing happened so I rang 0845 454 1111 to ask why. After being transferred around various departments I was told on 6/11/2010 that that the router would be delivered on 8/11/2010 and advised to stay in. What arrived was just the USB stick with no sign of the router. I rang again and after being bounced around departments I was told categorically that the router would arrive 9/11/2011. By 1600 nothing had arrived so I phoned 0845 454 1111 gain and eventually advised to call the delivery firm at 0871 9770800. The delivery firm convinced me that they has collected and delivered what had been required. Called Virgin again and established that I should have bee sent a hub i.e. combined modem & router rather than the two separate devices that your installation engineer had assumed.Subsequent calls told me the the best Virgin could do was to send out the hub to arrive on Monday 13 December 2010.
My complaint is about the cost of the phone calls I’ve had to make to 0845 and 0871 numbers, the poor service I’ve received and the amount of time I’ve had to spend at – Monday will be the third working day that I have had to stay in. The non-competence of your staff has so far cost me three working days, please send me your billing address so that I may invoice you for 3 lost working days. To add salt to the wound, my measured speed has degraded from the 19Mb I was getting to this week’s lowly 6Mb so I also seek compensation for the reduction of service from 20Mb to 10Mb; it would appear that I have now been reverted to the basic broadband contract. UNQUOTE
Sam SpyCatcher Jenkin 09 December at 19:56 Report
Oh no! What a total waste of your time! 😦
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David Edwards 09 December at 20:35
it gets worse… QUOTE further to”Your Installation Complaint Ref 30141388 (KMM570877″, I have just checked my account status and it would appear that you are charging me for the installation and for the as yet non-existent hub despite the fact that I was assured that all this was included in the upgrade – please clarify UNQUOTE
And so it goes on and on, next bulletin to be posted on Monday, won’t be holding my breath through the weekend…

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5 Responses to Virgin or the 50Mb saga

  1. Ed says:

    It sounds like Virgin are a complete shambles – the words arse and elbow spring to mind! Why are these things always such a battle? Anyway, good luck sorting it out – I’m sure it will all be resolved (eventually).

  2. John Blackburn says:

    Competence level inadequate, charging level absurd. ‘Let not thy right hand know what thy left hand doeth’, etc etc. I’ve found persistence pays…..

    • warriet says:

      Persistence genes invoked, little choice really as Virgin have the monopoly on cable provision hereabouts and even at newly lowered speeds ADSL does not compete on either speed or connection consistency Jeremy Hunt (phew relief – spelt his surname correctly)has started blethering about super fast [sic] for all by 2015 but I fear that he may not have discussed this with his technicians. In any case he meant access to rather than provision of. In other words it will become one of those divisive social issues where ability to pay will ultimately determine type and speed of connection. The current school kid activity on the streets of Westminster illustrates what can happen if any branch of the proles is able to communicate with its members. so it’s difficult to envisage any branch of govermnent willingly providing good comms to the great unwashed

  3. warriet says:

    Imagine my delight and amazement when the hub was delivered afternoon Saturday 11/12/2010 – apparently the courier firm had it scheduled for sometime Monday but working weekends because Christmas is only 2 weeks away. Took me a couple of hours of headache inducing couple hours pratting around but now working very nicely!

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