sunny Friday

Oh what a beautiful morning! was the tune that the the late Brian Williams left paying at maximum volume on his record player in the middle of a dark, wet and stormy night. He then disappeared for the night. He was a little pissed off by the cumulative noise from other hall residents. Solutions were discussed, smash the door down, climb through the window, wait for the room’s meter to run out of electricity, cut the electricity supply to the whole floor of the hall, or get hold of the master key. A stony, boozy debate ensued and the consensus was to charm the master key out of the duty night effect entrance and turn the damned record player off in what was just another stony undergraduate night in wild and woolly West Wales This necessitated a middle of the night call on the porters’ lodge the other side of the campus. The Marshall was the porter on duty and after a certain amount of discussion, the Marshall entrusted the master key to the supplicant who was able to turn off then disable the offending record player and return the key PDQ to the guardian at the gate. phew, Crisis averted without attracting the attention of the college authorities. Things to do, need to get going, back to blog later.

Stuff done, Cadbury topped up although I did not dare look at the price per lire, when it comes down to it, petrol is another highly taxed source of energy which it’s difficult to live without. Guess I do feel some shame at the thought of driving rather than visiting by train which is evermore expensive.. My own concern for tomorrow will be getting the car across the ice as far as Selwood Road all the main roads thereafter will probably be OK.


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4 Responses to sunny Friday

  1. titflasher says:

    Sounds like fun :-))

  2. John Blackburn says:

    Was that Lloyd Thomas or 21 Bridge St/Heol Y Bont? Certainly sounds familiar. We were always a quieter, more genteel lot in Garth House….

    • warriet says:

      LTH I think that Brian was pissed off with Radio Agar (?) which was playing mostly The Doors to speakers wired into individual rooms at fairly random times of day and night

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