this is neat!

just tripped over a Linux blogging tool which naturally uses much less resource than running WordPress via a browser. I like efficient! and this appears to much liter than other available and means that the publishing process is quick and simple. Am not really a geek but I do like stuff to be efficient. Don’t know where the day went but I have eaten well, maintained dialogue sin a chatty blog so now settling down to watch some NCIS.

Just seen a press release in which I have been misquoted a little but hey-ho, that’s what happens – I wonder if I or Sarah Sharp will be contacted? Probably not unless an editor somewhere wants a few inches not otherwise occupied by student riots or Korean wars and takes Time To Change to heart. The only real blogging I’ve done has be on another’s where some contributors say quite daft things (query Daily Fail reader(s)? But today has turned into one of those do nothing days and the best I can do is go to sleep now zzzzzz

Misquote referred to above has been corrected as soon as I reported it, hooray, big thumbs up to Rethink. 10 hours solid and since when I’ve been on the ‘phone most of the time but now back to seeing what’s out there

quite alarming as is and indicative of how determined the Tories are to dismantle the state we won’t appreciate until it’s gone. Of course I hope for a poll tax moment

And why is nobody very exercised by what may be about to happen in a faraway country of which we know little i.e. the as yet to be reunified Korea.

I just hope that US and China are currently involved in active negotiations as it is those two who will be involved in the hot war that will result if North Korea kill any more South Koreans. I think that the risk is that Pyongyang push Seoul too far is a clear and present danger, I hope that whatever is happening in the North Korean power circles might actually result in a peaceful settlement and that the North rapidly unifies with the South and that the prosperity enjoyed by the South is extended to the North.

Feeling disconnected and thinking that I need to go to bed at 2300 so that I can surface i n a timely and alert way on Saturday morning for an expedition I am looking forward to very much.. Just found some really dismal news: kettling children?​

that really is too much especially since they were just school children, have the police learnt nothing are they really going to let themselves used as Cameron’s bully boys and girls?


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