on being ‘normal’

the psychiatrist said, when asked “what is normal” replied “whatever is normal for you”
Hmm, have to thing about that or better still, jfdi – a concise and direct term that covers most aspects of most lives and if you don’t know how to do something rtfm

wrote that last Saturday morning since when I’ve been too busy for any blog time

A week later and no blogging here, must be a good sign :] although I have been blooging a bit at  http://mentallyinteresting.ning.com/ in the meantime

now the samll hours of Monday morning and still fixated on this normal stuff but actually I’ve bee to busy to worry about it all. Last snack before I go and do some more sleep

Wednesday already and I’ve been too busy being normal to have time to write about it. Tricky one that: can blogging be categorised as a normal activity?

Now nearly the end of another what has proved to be a very busy week with little time for blogging but the http://www.blackswan.org.uk/ open competition has reached its final judgment. Hooray!

No blogging for > a week, must be feeling good although I have indulged in some navel gazing at http://mentallyinteresting.ning.com/

food for thought http://psychcentral.com/lib/2010/the-link-between-bipolar-disorder-and-creativity/


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2 Responses to on being ‘normal’

  1. John Blackburn says:

    Don’t understand this curious human necessity to make value judgements about behaviour. ‘Normal’ is an empty concept. Behaviour will (generally) have meaning. It will be internally self-consistent. It will ‘be directed towards a subjective Good’. But to import a ‘competitive’, judgemental element to it’s consideration seems, well, pointless. Am I missing something? Or don’t I give a damn about ‘what my neighbour will think’?

    • warriet says:

      Trouble is, those in your former trade seem to have a fixation with thei idea of normality and whether or not their clients are in a state of normality…

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