October 1971 – September 1973 St David’s University College, Lampeter (the name’s changed and it’s got bigger since then but the essential geist of the place lives on) . Went there for an English degree, failed my first Part I, switched to Geography and failed the second Part I. (Nearly kept anyway) Two years of sex and drugs and rock and roll, those were the heady days of student grants, easy overdrafts and nearly arrived credit cards. Academically started well but halfway through the first term stopped going to lectures or doing any work and started the sort of social life that a country bumpkin from Wiltshire  did even know existed. There was dope and LSD (did not try that then because of the effects I could see it having on others) but quickly became adept at rolling the 3 skin joint on an LP cover. No skunk in those days – it was various types of hash, originating from Morocco, The Lebanon or Afghanistan. the acid in the form of black microdots was said to been made in the chemistry lab of a university in West Berlin. Booze too of course with different pubs catering to different cliques both gown and town. Booze on campus too – those from the west country used to bring farm gate cider with the concious and not very kind propose of disabling the macho beer swilling Northerners so as to leave the filed clear for the smooth Southerners. (the male/female ratio was then about 5::1). One enterprising undergraduate used to brew his own with scientific purity: the result  being a clear innocuous looking potable yet very strong beer that he insisted on serving in plastic cups. All done with the same intent as the cider and yes, it worked. We had to make are own amusement – the town of Lampeter (the anglicisation  of Llanbedr Pont Steffan) was remote.


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