just another manic depressive’s journal

Time to start blogging and see how it goes! Write a little on the phone and see if it gets magically transported to the world. And it is magic practised by magical people but lets be practical, after a sleepless night time for strong coffee and a hearty breakfast before I get on with whatever is next. Have taken my morning Citalopram and vitamins. Will need to go out at some point today, wonder how many terabytes of snow pictures will be packeting around the world today? OK seems to be working pretty well but really must eat something. Still working my way through Christmas card acknowledgements but I know what I need to do – if I have a spare moment, I’ll start getting this year’s ready, yes and pigs will fly.

Apparently some people do though. Rattle of letter box but not post, a pity because I am opening post as soon as received. Ditto e-mail and I only keep 20 or so at a time nowadays.

Back home from an expedition to the shops to get some cash, buy some electricity (this country’s energy consumption would plummet if prepayment meters were mandatory) and visit my favourite butcher for bacon. sausages and his definitive pasties. Walk in the snow marred by two misfortunes, the first was that I reached the shop without my wallet so back home empty handed; by the time I got there for the second time I has developed the staggers and fell down couple of times. having to be helped back onto my feet my a chap older than me and a hooded youth who broke off from snowballing to come to my aid. Very kind of both. But being feak and weble? Herumph! But I have rearranged my seating and will be able to continue from my bed with the little iBook if necessary. Think the chair change has already helped at least I went the shop and back without falling over and even shovelled some snow from the back door path. Wonder where the camera is? Just found the site that inspired me http://www.allaboutbipolar.com/ but I think I need to lie down for a bit…. Still haven’t slept, now writing from the little iBook – nice to have confirmation that this works any platform and the fact that WordPress manages version control in the that I was offered the option to merge changes made on another machine.

Another day – very cold out there – I like being up before the rest of the world, let’s hope that I can get back to my natural sleep pattern. Washing up done, time for some more tidying methinks.


another long and productive day in The Mint. e-mails dealt with, Facebook fun, people reconnected with, a win/win/win car deal suggested and discussed with people who know me well enough, and him I trust to tell me if I am showing signs of mania (mental note to give Dr Hak http://www.warriet.com/ so that he can monitor me remotely for signs of ‘elevated mood’. Eaten well today and will again tomorrow, out to a friend’s for dinner with an O2 payg usb dongle which will get him on-line with his new laptop. Phone now receives e-mails from all my address. My neighbours telling me how much better I’m looking, the flat’s heating is coping very well with the sub zero temperatures. Plan some serious food shopping on Saturday in advance of Sunday/Monday forecast snowfall. Fingers crossed – this computer set-up is serving me very nicely although I am slightly anxious about the lack of a reserve machine although, since of necessity I grasped the basic concept of ‘cloud’ computing fairly early I would survive a catastrophic event more without too much grief as all my data is backed up somewhere on the internet. Finance is minimal but in order. Tax return has to be submitted very soon but my affairs are in basically good order so really it’s just a matter of filling in the on-line forms to file. The coming election is going to be interesting and if the political parties have any sense they will realise how they can use the internet to mobilise a large part of the electorate which will help decide the complexion of the next government. I have already offered my i-services to David Heath, MP whose seat of Somerton & Frome is in the Tories ten ten of ‘must win’ seats. Has not been so interesting since the Wilson era. Anyway, now 02:10 so way past my bed time so time to power the confusers and myself down…

up bright and early and thinking about breakfast. bacon and eggs today but of course first some coffee. Phew! first contact with he tax office to ask for my reference number so that I can file on-line – deadline is 31 January so it’s going to be tight. But Graham I spoke to knew who I am and told me what are the initial steps – he will write to me with my tax reference number so that I can register. I don’t think I’ll be liable for any income tax this year my taxable earnings are probably below my tax code but I need HMRC to tell me that. Definitely time for breakfast now.

Middle of the night again 🙂 very tired but not sleepy BBC World Service in the background, fresh coffee and more than enough cigarettes to make it through the very (out there) cold night. And another full and productive day which started with a proper breakfast. But what have I done? In nor chronological or significant order, initiated the on-line tax return process – has to be filed by 31 January and I do believe I will have time.

Don’t you just love it when plan comes together? After yesterday’s first solo outing into town to post spare key to Comfort, get a free £10 voucher added to my gas meter card, order a copy of Clive’s http://clivewild.co.uk/ book from http://www.huntingravenbooks.co.uk/ , have a quick chat with the Microbitz man then walk through the snizzle up Catherine Hill was considerably less effort than I’d feared. Now showered and dressed to be ready for taxi to take ne to Wells for a http://www.flourishhomes.co.uk/home/ business meeting that includes lunch then back to The Mint before, subject to snow forecast. Back in touch with Juliete who has been fulsome about this morning’s Facebook pictures of work in progress quick play with the Toshiba’s webcam


Haven’t written anything for a few days but galvanised by seeing http://thesecretlifeofamanicdepressive.wordpress.com/about/ I shall now do a bit a day


hmm, this bit can be the general purpose ramble, with other headings as they occur to me, not sure about writing in bed but since I read as part of my end of day window, trying writing instead and there is a comforting warmth emanating from this venerable iBook


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2 Responses to just another manic depressive’s journal

  1. warriet says:

    well it all seems to be working quite nicely so I’ll try to get into the habit of writing something everyday. My acceptance of my illness has been such a relief. Why did it take so long? first diagnosed in 2002 when I was Sectioned into Wotton Lawn and kept for 6 months waiting to be be cured, well isn’t that what hospitals are for?

  2. warriet says:

    I honestly though that that is what would happen, they’d made the diagnosis and prescribed some drugs (Zyprexa, lithium and Zopiclone to sleep) I would be well and released back into the community. In for a penny, in for a pond, since i am coming out of the closets as it were I might as well tell people where to look and perhaps collect the odd follower, Flat slowly being de-cluttered , I hope that my CMHT worker notices how much I’ve done since she was last here – coming later this morning to take me to the jobcentre for a waht are you doing about going back to work interview. But as the jobcentre is in the same block as a rather good pound shop, I acn buy a few treats and then go to M&S and judiciously use a christmas present voucher on whatever takes my fancy there – bound to be something, always good for food if a little pricey

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